Short Intro

My name is Arbaoui Mehdi. I am a full stack web developer from Casablanca, Morocco. I am an adept of sharing and caring. So, I like to put my full skills, my knowledge and my experience into the service of people who would to collaborate with me. I have been working on different type of project for nearly 10 years, still and will. If you are interested by my profile you can contact me.

Some Detail

I am in love with coding in general, and the world of entrepreneurship. When it comes to entrepreneurship, I’m a real fan of startup concept. I spent nearly all my time on coding and challenging my self through complicated concepts.I’m super into Javascript, Angular, NodeJS, GraphQL, Apollo and Docker. In general, I can help falling in love with new and open source web technologies. I am too excited about the future of the web and how high tech will influence and change our life.