Javascript ES6 — const vs let # 2

As a reminder from the previous video, you already know that the keyword var
is supposed to create global variables that can be accessed from the global scope, and you learn also that the var keyword is function scoped.

Now we’ve to deal with two new keywords, let and const which are block scoped,
that means that if you create any variable within a block, as an example a
function, a condition, or a for loop, it will be accessible only within its
scope, still there are some differences between let and const that we’ll
discover on this video.

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CSS FlexBox Warm Up

You’ve got a list of element, and you want them to be listed correctly in a container, an old-school solution is to use float or display. However, these two CSS properties don’t give you total control of how you can stretch these elements inside a container.

In this article, you’ll discover how to control a list of items inside of a container using flexbox, and this’s a demo of what you want to achieve:

See the Pen FlexBox Sandbox by Arbaoui Mehdi (@arbaoui_mehdi) on CodePen.

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