1337 School, The new Born Pair Programming School

After watching a video of a new born “Pair Programming” Bootcamp, School or whatever you call it, this what I’m thinking about it:

Pair programming is a super cool concept that allows people to learn faster, however, programming is not just about writing code, these are some core computer science concepts that have to be included to have a strong profile, what about Data structures?!, what about Algorithms?!, and what About a big O notation?!

The core basic of programming is problem-solving, and by focusing on tooling (programming languages), you’ll end up with programmers mimicking each other instead of problems solvers. Take an example of the big fishes like Google, Amazon, Facebook…, all their interviews questions are not about the language or the tool itself, the candidate has to answer some questions on a whiteboard where they test his ability to solve problems.

Besides that, excellent initiative, and I wish good luck to these young fellows.

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